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PPC or Google Ads help your ads appear on top of Google search. This also helps in getting high-quality traffic which in turn helps in generating genuine leads. Your business failing to give you good profits? Do you want to generate quick leads and good traffic? Awesome! You are on the right page! Billions of businesses today compete in the market to sell their products and services. To successfully fetch high returns, you need to run ads on search engine platforms along with performing SEO.

About Us

It is a type of ads on search engines platforms like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Baidu and other major search engines which aids in providing businesses with the new customers at a super-quickly pace. Digital businesses always reach consumers in two ways; organically and through paid ads. SEM services fall under the paid ads part of digital marketing. The major Search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. allow the advertisers to display their ads below and above the results of the search engine. Every time visitors click on these ads, the search engines get paid. The prices that need to be paid for the search engine are different for different keywords. This way, you are assured of getting the best results out of ad campaigns.

At Digital Spider, the SEM Company in Bangalore sets up, tracks, manages and maintains the ad campaigns making all your marketing work much easier than you had ever dreamt. We not just undertake all your online marketing activities but also help you in end-to-end Offline Marketing.

Our Work Process

Audience Research

Firstly, we the best SEM service in Bangalore understand your business by understanding your customers. We make sure that we know your customers well so we can target ads only to the relevant customers.

Keyword Research

Before we the SEM company in Bangalore plan for the PPC campaign, we search for long tail, low cost and relevant keywords to make the whole ad very appealing to the right visitor at the right time.

Location Research

After understanding your customers, we next target the ads based on the location. This helps in getting the right customers by focusing only in those areas where we get conversions.

Regular Checkups

Once the ad is set up, we perform the test regularly to check if the ad is working as expected or not. We being the best SEM company in Bangalore, make sure the money spent on ads add value to your business by bringing valuable leads

Optimize ads

After performing the regular checkups to check if the ads are performing well, we then find out where and what needs to be changed in the ads. This optimizing of ads will help us understand what needs to be changed and makes us run the ads very effectively.

Maintain ads

Once we get on track by performing rechecks and optimizing it, the next step is to maintain it well and tracking it through Google Analytics. This helps us to maintain it by storing the data for the present and future purposes.


Do you know what, 60% of businesses in all fields use pay-per-click ads. It is one way to reach more people at the earliest and thereby get many visitors, good leads and more sales. We know that your budget for marketing is highly precious. Hence taking care of the same is our highest responsibility. Let us now check how we would make it a success for you. Here are some advantages that will help you in the following ways:

  • It reach the right audience at limited cost
  • Builds awareness about the brand among the people
  • Results are quite faster
  • Not dependent on Google Algorithm changes and SEO
  • Doors wide open to local customers
  • Very friendly in terms of budget
  • Tracking is so easy
  • Highly targeted
  • Increased ROI

Hence PPC can be very advantageous to whatever business you hold and make your business achieve what it is meant to achieve. This way, it provides opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses to compete with larger business firms. Digital Spider can help you showcase your products and services for a limited span of time to reach their customers. And thereby manage your ad campaign, track it and maintain it well.

Our Services

We build and run campaigns for you on Google and other search Engines to bring quality traffic to your website and generate leads or make bring genuine customers.


Search Engine


Display Advertising

We sketch ad banners for your company and also ensure that it is shown to relevant audiences across the internet at the lowest costs and aid in getting you high traffic.


Video Ads

These ads are the most engaging type of advertising. It helps in branding and has a very effective impact on brand recall.



Remarketing ads are the display ads which targets users who have already visited your website via other channels. It is essential for all brands that want to succeed online and we help make it possible.


Shopping Ads

You can focus on only shopping ads if you hold an e-commerce company. Shopping ads provides an e-commerce brand exposure helping it to compete with big and massive players of the market.

We also provide Graphic designing, Website Development and App Develoment services.

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